New Donald Trump look

For the past few years, Ben has been dressing up as Donald Trump for various corporate events. Now he’s taken the impersonation to a whole new level by getting a new face for him. Odd Studio won an Oscar for Mad Max Fury Road in 2016 and have also worked on Pirates of the Caribbean, The Matrix and more, created the face to mould perfectly to Ben’s face. To fit the mask it’s a 4 hour make-up/special FX application. The pieces are fitted on Ben’s face individually and they have also made a fat suit, eyebrows and of course the Trump wig.

Ben performed for a Harry the Hirer event in Melbourne and along with 4 secret service agents, fooled an audience of 300+ that he was the President. (Footage coming soon) Along with the voice, the tailored material and the incredible silicone latex prosthetic make-up look, Ben as Trump is ideal to make your next event great again.

Ben Price as Donald Trump

Ben Price is Australia’s Best Impersonator and his Donald Trump impression has been getting booked all over the world. This is the ideal entertainment for your next event or even personalised video! Book Ben Price as Donald Trump today!

Ben plays Donald Trump for a 4th of July event in Sydney
Ben as Donald Trump with acting Prime Minister of Australia Michael McCormack
Ben as Donald Trump at a conference on the Gold Coast for Newbook

Ben back on Way of the Master in the US

Ben has appeared in Way of the Master and The Comfort Zone before as well as Audacity by Ray Comfort and also Christmas Gone Viral Movie. This episode can be seen fully on Pureflix and also visit

Ben Price back on Today Extra, again!

Ben has been on the Today Show and Today Extra 9 times now! He was back as a special guest to discuss the recent Australian Election and the new Royal baby. With Trump, Scomo, Tony Abbott, Prince Charles, David Beckham and many more.

The Price of Fame


The Price of Fame by Ben Price is a new weekly segment that will appear on Facebook Live every Thursday at 6PM EST AUS. Go to Ben Price Comedy on Facebook and coming soon to YouTube also. Ask a question to Ben and suggest your favourite celebrity and Ben will answer. For example; Donald Trump, what is your favourite thing about being President? Then Ben can answer. Pick one of his 200+ voices or suggest a new impression and keep it clean. Check out the latest episode and ask questions for the next one!

Pilgrim’s Progress #1 Movie in the US!

Ben was thrilled to be a part of The Pilgrim’s Progress movie (Ben’s 4th movie) where he played 3 characters; Judge Hategood, Vanity Fair Chief and Cruelty. The book Pilgrim’s Progress was written by John Bunyan in 1678. Finally it has been animated and Ben was able to be a part of a movie that had a big impact on him growing up. Watch a scene where you’ll hear Ben’s voices and the trailer is below. Also stay tuned for a couple sequels!

Ben on the Red Carpet for the Official Premiere of The Pilgrim’s Progress
#1 Movie in the US over Easter