Ben Price back on The Today Show

Ben Price was recently back on The Today Show on Channel 9. This is the 5th time on the show and the 7th Live TV appearance for 2017. Back with some new voices in an all new challenge and still working and getting very close to Karl Stefanovic’s voice. So it won’t be long before he’ll be back!

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Ben Price on Good Morning Texas

Ben was recently in the US for some shows in Dallas, Missouri and Colorado. Whilst in Dallas, Texas Ben appeared on Good Morning Texas to chat with Alanna Sarabia. He was asked to do several voices on the spot and also chat about the upcoming 3D animated feature movie, The Pilgrims Progress. Ben plays a few characters in this movie which will come out next year. Stay tuned. Hopefully Ben will be back on GMT next time he visits Dallas.

Other than nailing each voice, what blows me away is how easy you can go from person to person….if you close your eyes it’s like they are all in one room having a convo!…It’s amazing! Good Morning Texas host Alanna Sarabia 


Ben Price on The Daily Edition

This was Ben’s 1st appearance on The Daily Edition on Channel 7. His 5th live TV appearance for the year and the 7th TV appearance for 2017. Being mid-year school holidays in Australia, Ben provided a number of voices from a few current movies such as Lego Batman, Spiderman and Despicable Me 3. Along with usual favourites such as Morgan Freeman, Arnie and Donald Trump. 

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Ben back on The Today Show

After the success of Ben going on the Today Show on Channel 9 last October, he was invited back. This time with another 10 or more voices to be challenged with. Everyone from Russell Crowe, Lego Batman, Tom Cruise, Gru, Sean Connery, John Cleese and Christopher Walken etc. Not to mention Donald Trump who has been a character working brilliantly in 2017! No doubt Ben will be back again soon with more voices. Who knows who he’ll be next time?


Ben brings his characters to New York and DC

After having several TV appearances in Australia, Ben finally made his US TV debut. First as a guest on CT Style in Connecticut and then on Good Morning Washington just outside DC. What better week to have Ben than President Trump’s Inauguration. His Trump voice was a a hit as well as his usual suspects including Arnie (New Host of Celebrity Apprentice), Owen Wilson, Jason Statham, Ben Stiller and Homer Simpson.

It was the 2nd time Ben got to perform at the famous Dangerfield’s. The Comedy Club where Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Robin Williams, Adam Sandler and many more got their beginnings. Ben was also on radio in New York on WILNY. Ben is set to return soon for some more morning shows and late night shows. Stay tuned!

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Ben’s Donald Trump Character, perfect for Christmas events!

Ben has been doing Trump for several years since he’s been host of Celebrity Apprentice. In the last couple of years he’s been a great character with the election campaign and Ben has used him in many corporate events worldwide and radio commercials, radio interviews  and he’s heard regularly on 89.9 Light FM for Trump Tuesday. Plus an appearance on The Today Show where he was Trump and several other characters.


Ben as President Elect, Donald J Trump

With the full silicone latex prosthetic make-up he’s ideal to have as a character for a conference or Christmas/End of year event and even a video wishing Merry Christmas to all the staff or clients. He can hire or fire staff and it is a lot of fun. Enquire today and have the President Elect come to your next function! It’s huuuuge!

Trump Tuesday on 89.9 Light FM

Over the years Ben has been a guest on 89.9 Light FM several times. Now you can hear him every Tuesday. He’ll be Donald Trump bringing all the latest news from the US Presidential Campaign. Be sure to tune in. Here’s the 1st one;

The Unusual Suspects

Ben Price has been doing impersonations since he was 10. Over the years there’s been a list of well over 100. In recent years from going on Australia’s Got Talent to Kids’ WB, everyone knows he does Arnie, Dr. Phil, Owen Wilson and Homer Simpson etc.

People always make suggestions for new characters to add to the ever increasing list. So Ben compiled a list of 85 + new characters to learn. That’s 86 if you’re doing the Maths. So in a short space of time Ben got pretty close and learned just over 60 new voices. Some include Al Pacino, Captain Jack, Jim Carrey, Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man), Nicholas Cage, Samuel L Jackson and many more. If you’ve ever seen Ben live, you’ll know all his usual suspects. In this new show it’s all new characters and all new material for the Unusual Suspects.

The 2 shows at The Pig and Whistle and Dunyazad in Melbourne were a huge success. The packed crowds loved the new characters and so all the usual ones will still be there, and many more to go with it making it close to 200 impersonations now that Ben can do.