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Ben Price features in Ray Comfort’s latest movie, Audacity. You can watch the whole movie here on youtube. It’s a movie that takes on the issue of homosexuality from a Biblical perspective. The primary purpose is to bring the gospel …

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Back on Kid’s WB, Who am I?

Ben was back on Kid’s WB on GO Channel where he is a regular guest. Always fun seeing Ben do Owen Wilson, Homer, Liam Neeson and a few new ones. Ben asked Crawf and Loz the questions to see if …

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Arnie in Australia, Ben Price on The Today Show

Arnie said he’ll be back and he was in Australia, not Austria recently for the Arnold Classic.  I was there as the Terminator for the UPS Stand. Thousands of people did a double-take thinking I may have been the real …

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New Arnie Face

For years Ben has been doing Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage and even getting dressed up as Arnie. The man himself wanted to know who does the make up and said, “It looks good, she’s done a great job”. Now just …

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Ben Price a regular on Kids WB!

This year Ben Price has become a regular on Kids WB on Channel Go! The show is on Mon-Fri 4pm-5pm | Sat & Sun 7am-11am. Ben has appeared several times on the show as Homer, Shrek, Donkey, Gru, King Julien, Spongebob Squarepants, …

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Ben Price in Audacity

So as many of you know I was recently in Ray Comfort’s latest movie, Audacity. Watch the clip below:   In April this year I went to Colorado, USA to attend an Ellerslie Conference. That was awesome. But whilst going …

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